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Feature PLE PLE Plus Pro DSS Read
Ability to cut feedback links on the fly in SyntheSim mode
Sketch Editor with Undo/Redo
Causal Loop Diagrams
Stock and Flow Diagrams
Tree Diagrams
Document Tool
Loop Identification
Equation Editor
Built-in Functions
Units Check
Causal Tracing®
Reality Check®
Tabular Output (Tables)
Run Comparison (between two simulations)
On-line Help
Multiple Views (pages or sectors of a model)
Input and Output Sketch Objects
Sensitivity Simulations (Monte Carlo)
External Data Import/Export (spreadsheet etc.)
Live Data Connections
Discrete Event Functions
Editable Sketch Toolsets
Hide Sketch Elements
Simulation Control Dialog
Partial Model Simulation
User-configurable Tools
Password Protection
Model Calibration (optimization)
Policy Optimization
Kalman Filtering
Subscripts (Arrays) - up to 8 dimensions
Bar Graphs
Gantt Charts
Summary Statistics
Text Editor
User defined Macros
ODBC Capabilities
Packaged Applications (Venapps, flight simulators)
Graphical Venapp Builder
Dynamic Data Exchange
External Functions
Compiled Models (C language)
DLL Configuration

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